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How NASA Will Protect Europa’s Whales (Spoiler: It Involves a Self-Destruct Switch)

NASA has a plan to protect Europa’s whales and any other lifeforms we may find on our travels from harmful Earth microbes.


The Purpose of the Telescopes Is to Give Us Back the Galaxy

The purpose of telescopes is to give us back the galaxy. You can see a picture of Saturn’s rings and feel nothing, but see Saturn’s rings with your own eyes, and suddenly you feel the Earth spinning on its axis and flying about the Sun.


How Mars 2020 Became the Last Defense of the Martian Past

Mars 2020 is in a race with Elon Musk to get to the Red Planet before humans have had a chance to muck up the place with all their germs.


It’s Possible That Small Satellites Will Save the World

With small satellites, scientists will soon have at their disposal a “quantified Earth.”


A Look at How NASA Decides Where next to Boldly Go with New Frontiers

Dante Lauretta, the principal investigator of OSIRIS-REx, explains the intense proposal process behind NASA’s most ambitious missions.


How a Small NASA Mission Might Change the Course of Space Exploration

You might not have heard of NASA’s water-making moon rover, but this small NASA mission could change the course of space exploration.