It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Adorable Science
published during a waning gibbous moon.
rocket science

Credit: It’s Not Rocket Science

Though his feet are back on Earth, commander Chris Hadfield isn’t kicking them up quite yet. In a new collaboration with his son, who edited the ethereally shot “Space Oddity” tribute, Chris will appear in an animated series called “It’s Not Rocket Science” that continues his penchant for enlightening us.

Best of all, he has a sidekick pug named Albert (and adorable space shuttle slippers):

The comedy animation, meant for kids as well as curious adults, is set to launch on YouTube. His son, Evan Hadfield, will write and produce the series, and Chris will narrate. During his time aboard the International Space Station, Chris, an avid social media user, showed us what life in space is like, from tears sticking to your face to the challenges of shaving.

But topics won’t just be limited to the cosmos, as Evan told the Huffington Post: They’ll also delve into Earthly buzz, like climate change and vaccines.

As Evan explains via the platform Patreon, which supports independent creators, “We aren’t here to shame people for not knowing, but to help them see what it was they’d missed.” Viewers can become a patron of the show to get some extra perks, like shirts, prints, and other fun swag. So you don’t miss an episode, subscribe to Hadfield’s channel here, or follow him on Twitter.