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Galactic Lenses Lead To New Data About The Universe’s Expansion

Journey To ALMA: The Eye In The Desert

Futuristic Light Sails Will Help Spaceships Hit The Brakes At Alpha Centauri

It’s Possible That Small Satellites Will Save The World

What Mineral Evolution Tells Us About Life On Earth—And Beyond

NASA Findings Suggest Health Concerns For Astronauts On Long-Duration Space Missions

Moon Express Sets Impressive #Goals For A 2017 Lunar Landing

Why Closing The Arecibo Observatory Is A Blow For Science And Imagination

Tanya Of Mars Gets Real About Rocks, Research, And Women In STEM

How Mars 2020 Became The Last Defense Of The Martian Past

Private Satellite Company Planet Breaks Launch Record With 88 Doves

SpaceX Slays While Fan Cries: “This Is What All Billionaires Should Do With Their Money.”

All Aboard! NASA’s First Rocket In 40 Years May Make Crewed Maiden Voyage

Engine Concerns Keep Jupiter Spacecraft, Juno, In Slower Orbit

Boasting 7 Earth-Sized Planets, TRAPPIST-1 Is The New Solar System To Know

The Virtual Planetary Laboratory Knows It Takes A Village To Model A Planet

The Purpose Of The Telescopes Is To Give Us Back The Galaxy

Knowing How To Listen To The Stars Can Yield Insights About About Their Lives

Discover The Space Agencies You Didn’t Know Existed In This Interactive Infographic

Lunar Tourism Will Actually Be A Thing In 2018 Declares SpaceX

Wondering How Many Space Agencies Exist? There’s An Infographic For That.

How NASA Will Protect Europa’s Whales (Spoiler: It Involves A Self-Destruct Switch)


5 Places In Our Solar System We Can’t Wait To Explore

We’re Looking Forward To These Space Missions In 2017

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Calendar

Are You Kidding Me, Rogue One?

Majestic Winter Wonderlands Viewed From Space

Space Dining 101: How Astronauts Watch Their Weight While Weightless

How Prepared Are We For An Earth-Bound Asteroid?

Why We’re Psyched About The Metal Asteroid Psyche

The Revealed Beauty Of Orion’s Massive Star Factory

Dean Little Wants To Help You Navigate The Red Planet

Professor Predicts Explosion That Will Change The Night Sky

How A Small NASA Mission Might Change The Course Of Space Exploration

SpaceX’s Next Move Isn’t Rockets. It’s Internet Access.

These Tweets & Pics Capture SpaceX’s Epic Comeback

Ancient Earth May Once Have Had Many Moonlets

The Last Man On The Moon Didn’t Want That Accolade

The Discovery Of Exoplanets Is As Old As Texting

Sagan’s Hopes And Fears Have Never Been More Relevant Today

New Research Identifies The Leading Cause Of Galaxy Death

Astrobiologists Are Looking For Extraterrestrial Life In High Places

Camouflage May Make It Harder To Identify Asteroids Than We Thought

Chameleon Supernova Sheds New Light On Star’s Life Cycles

Could You Live In This Tiny Biosphere For 105 Days Like These Chinese Scientists Did?

Luxembourg Has Big Plans For Future Asteroid Mining

A Look At How NASA Decides Where Next To Boldly Go With New Frontiers

We Visited ALMA, The Telescope That Can Hear The Big Bang



We Should Look For Alien Life Where Oceans Meets Ice

Some Astronauts’ Eyeballs Are Deformed After Spaceflight. Here’s Why.

ISS-RapidScat Mission Delivers Unprecedented Ocean Wind Information

Africa Is Getting Its First Private Satellite Thanks To High School Girls

Don’t Underestimate The Possibility Of Life On Pluto

Amateur Astronomer Helps Find Star Spots In Pulsar System

NASA’s 2017 Spinoff Report Details Amazing Applications Of Space Technology

“The Beginning Of The End Of Our Historic Exploration Of Saturn”

Will Trump Deliver On Clinton’s Vow To Finally Open The X-Files?

‘Supernova’ Was Actually A Star Getting Shredded By A Black Hole

Honoring John Glenn: Astronaut, Politician, And Inspiration To Us All

Scientists Have Discovered Water Ice Hiding In Ceres’ Shadows

Could There Be Life On Our Neighbor, Proxima Centauri B?

Is There A Dream Of Chinese Spaceflight?

Cloudy With A Chance Of Rubies

What Resources Will We Mine In Space One Day?


8 Gorgeous Space Photos For Your Desktop

The Indian Mathematician Who Trumped Galileo

Why Artists Are The New Astronauts

Updating The History Of Our Solar System

I Took My 4 Kids To A Rocket Launch & They Loved It

3 Critical Life Lessons We Learned From Star Trek Captains

The Carina Nebula’s Stunning Pillars Of Destruction

Why Is The Moon’s Orbit Tilted?

The Bermuda Triangle Of GPS

Watch The Moon Photobomb The Sun

Trump To Earth Science: “You’re A Loser”

Canary Islands Might Be New Home For 30-Meter Telescope

New Study Shows How Saturn Put Some Rings On It

China Waves Hello From Space

This Satellite Galaxy May Be The Faintest Ever Found

Why Analyzing DNA In Space Is A Big Deal

Massive Rembrandt Valley Found On Mercury’s Surface

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Russia’s Space Station

What Are Those Spooky Solar Eclipses, Anyway?

6 Of The Most Literal Cosmic Names

This Star Is The Roundest Object Ever Observed In Nature

There’s A Supercluster Of Galaxies Hiding Behind The Milky Way


Japan Is Launching The Extreme Universe Space Observatory

New Horizons & SpaceX Remind Us How Space Motivates Young Minds

Look Up: LA MoonWalk

“Farewell Rosetta, You Have Done The Job”

Saturn’s Moon Dione Has An Ocean Just Under The Surface

China Just Upped The Space Tourism Stake

Why You Should Visit Your State’s Space Exhibition

Europa’s Watery Plumes Are Spewing 100+ Miles Into Space

Interview With Sarah Hörst: Planet Doctor And Titan Evangelist

What Makes White Dwarfs Go Supernova?

Earth’s Impish And Unusual Lightning

A Stunning Peek Inside An Interstellar Nursery

Japan Has Self-Annihilating Delivery Like Inspector Gadget

Our Dear Old Earth Has Love Handles

Why Chile’s Atacama Desert Is A Stargazer’s Paradise

MAVEN Captures Martian Clouds Forming Day By Day

This Is What It Looks Like When Stellar Winds Collide

Whether On This World Or Others, Our Species Will Someday Perish

Can You Do Yoga In Space?

New, Detailed Map Of Milky Way Released

Volcanos Erupt Nearly Constantly On Jupiter’s Moon, Io

Eyes On The Skies At Owens Valley Radio Observatory

How India’s Chandrayaan-1 Found Water On The Moon

5 Things We Learned From Elon Musk’s Reddit AMA

This Is What The Universe Might Look Like If We Could See Radio Waves

Did We Create Our Weather, Or Did It Create Us?

We Just Can’t Quit You, Tabby’s Star

There Might Be Two Adorably Small Moons Hiding Near Uranus

How An Impact Created A Bulls-Eye On The Moon

India’s AstroSat Has Its Five Eyes Set On Cosmic Chaos


What We Talk About When We Talk About Space

Why Did the Maya Care So Much About Predicting Venus’ Location?

Of Course We Still Love You, SpaceX

How Many Asteroids Are Actually Dangerous?

CubeSats: The Earthquake Prediction Tool We’ve Been Waiting For?

Ganymede: Jupiter’s Beautiful Ice Sandwich Moon

Could There Be Life Around WISE 0855?

Pics: A Stunning View Through Mt. Wilson’s 60-Inch Telescope

The Sublime Images from Juno’s First Flyby Are Here

Delete Your Orbit: KIC 8462852 AKA The “Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy”

This Unique Radiation Remains a Major Obstacle To Long-Term Spaceflight

Io: Jupiter’s Hot Cheesy Moon

Watch Out, Mars: City Planners Are Coming For You

5 Saturn Quirks That Cassini Unveiled

DYO: Gliese 581 — the Most Misleading Craigslist Housing Ad in the Milky Way

The Heart of a Giant Space Blob

Meet Dextre, the Most Sophisticated Space Robot Ever

His Moment Cultivated, Musk Takes the Stage

What’s The Biggest Rocket You Could Build?

Musk Unveils SpaceX’s Mars Architecture

Earth’s Orbit Is A Minefield of Garbage


China’s New Satellite Will Test An Un-Hackable Encryption System

My Kids Became Martian Spelunkers Thanks To NASA

There’s A Time Capsule Floating Through Space

What’s Causing Earth’s Temperature To Soar?

Saturn’s Kaleidoscopic Sponge

Delete Your Orbit: On The Futility Of Metis’ Existence

Prepare To Be Duped By Dunes

What Are Perseid Showers?

NASA’s 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower Photos Are Breathtaking

The Incredible Legacy Of Sample Return Missions

How The Sun Almost Triggered A War

Photos From China’s Quantum Communication Satellite Launch

Delete Your Orbit: Ceres’ Discarded Hopes And Dismantled Dreams

Part Of Your Suntan Is Intergalactic

The Sun’s Rain Is Terrifying

Looking For Life In All The Right Places

Before Rosetta, There Was A Space Peanut

Delete Your Orbit: How Celebrity Culture Can Explain Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Diva

Our Galaxy Has An Evil Mutant Twin

Pics: Historic Falcon 9 Booster Now Stands Proud At SpaceX HQ

China Reveals Its Noble Mars Probe

Does The Moon Have Innards?

Did You Know Earth Has Moon Trees?


Have You Ever Been to a Science Cafe?

We Need To Do A Better Job Of Imagining Aliens

Here’s One Way We Might Be Able To Hack Interstellar Travel

The Kooky World Of Uranus’ Disfigured Moon

11 Of The Cutest #GoodbyePhilae Tweets

What Are Mars’ Weird, Bulbous Moons?

Why Is Uranus So Blue?

The Perchlorate Factor: Will Insidious Chemicals Slow Elon Musk’s Mars Plans?

Status Update: The Chinese Space Station

Why Does The European Space Agency Launch Its Rockets From South America?

How Dirty Is A Rocket Launch?

What’s The “Most Mysterious Star In The Galaxy” Worth To You?

Marschitect Vera Mulyani Dreams Of Cities On Mars

Six Quick Facts About Our Solar System’s Newest Dwarf Planet

In New Space Race, Rapid Testing Sets SpaceX Apart

This Jupiter-Sized Exoplanet Lives In A Really Weird Place

The Tiniest Astronauts Ever

The 17 Best #Juno Tweets

What’s All The Hubbub About Juno?

A Jupiter Retrospective: From Pioneer To Juno

The Final Countdown: Dr. Jared Espley On Juno’s Epic Journey To Jupiter

Juno’s Make-Or-Break Moment


For My Teen Daughter, Scientists Are The Real Rock Stars

The Many Mysteries Of Dwarf Galaxies

FYI: Space Shuttles Are Still Very Much A Thing

Venus’ Water-Sucking Electric Winds Are Frightening

Mercury’s Strange Hollows

A Mission To Neptune’s Moon Triton Would Be Pretty Cool

Space Travel Can Feel Like A Bad Hangover

Where Did The Man In The Moon Come From?

The Last Image From Mercury

5 Ways Saturn’s Rings Are Even More Majestic Than You Thought

Designing The Perfect Escape From A Failing Rocket

Is Asteroid Mining The Next Gold Rush?

Space: The Final Frontier Of Inequality?

Radio Waves Hint At Drama Deep Below The Clouds Of Jupiter

3 Of Rosetta’s Notable Feats (Other Than Landing On A Comet)

The Looming Solar Threat That No One Talks About

5 Elegant Animations Of The Sun’s Swirling Flares

China Wants Lunar Answers With Chang’e 5

You ♥ Space – Bernard Kutter

We Are Living Carl Sagan’s Dream For Space Exploration

Construction Of The World’s Largest Telescope In Pictures


Here’s Why We Might Still Want To Return To The Moon

Going To Mars Is No Longer The Stuff Of Science Fiction

How We’ll Explore The Gravity Wave Spectrum

One Small Step For Designers, One Giant Leap For Fashion

What Was The Moon Like Before It Became A Boring Hunk Of Rock?

Saying Goodbye To ESA’s Rosetta Mission

Science Conferences Are Our Mother-Daughter Thing

Success! India’s Mini Space Shuttle Makes First Test Flight

The Strange Connection Between Einstein, Time, And Linguistics

Kepler Discovers Over a Thousand New Planets

Watch Mercury’s Rendezvous with the Sun From Home

We Love Space Exploration, But Mostly in our Dreams

There Are Big Things Hiding in the Big Dipper

Gas Giant Planets, Small Failed Stars: Is There a Difference?

NASA’s Rocket Technology May Save You During an Earthquake

Will There Really Be Civilized Life on Mars by 2018?


Will We Ever Get to See an Exoplanet Outside Our Own Solar System?

Lost Beagle 2 Lander Seen In Greatest Detail Yet

This Distorted Galaxy May Be The Key to Understanding Dark Matter

China Preps to Plunk a Rover on Mars By 2020

Happy Earth Day 2016!

Pluto’s Undulating Haze, Spinning Moons, & Other Weirdness

When You Find Actual Stardust Buried in the Ocean Floor

New Mission Will Sling Tiny Robots Trillions of Miles Away

6 Apps For Your Inner Space Hitchhiker

The Probe That Will Unveil Venus’ Secrets

This Hazy Image Of A Solar System Forming Is Pretty Much A Miracle

Remembering the Amazing Animalnauts

11 Ways to Help Scientists Do Science Right Now

Oceans Are Much More Common in the Solar System Than You Think

Huge Success! SpaceX Delivers Space Fungi & Mousetronauts to the ISS

NASA’s Giant Inflatable Room Is on Its Way to the ISS

Sorry, Neil. SpaceX Is Already Leading the Space Frontier.

Ancient Trees and Modern Telescopes Hint at Our Sun’s Hidden Power

For Close Planets, Sharing Life Is the Neighborly Thing to Do

Would You Climb Titan’s Highest Peak?

How We Name All the Stuff in the Universe

These 15 Retro Pics Prove NASA Was Always Cool


We’re All Lunatics Here: 120 Attempts to Go to the Moon

All We Want Is Someone Else to Talk to in This Universe

Japan Loses Touch With Hitomi Spacecraft

Astronaut’s Pics of Sunrises Give Us All the Feels

BB-8 at NASA Proves Bot Playdates Are Adorable

How Will We Deal With the Psychological Problems of Spaceflight?

Would You Live in a Lunar Village?

3 Things You Should Know About Our Galaxy

Our Sun Has a Crazy Effect on Jupiter’s Magnetic Field

Are Aliens Eavesdropping on Us?

Is Mars Too Dry to Harbor Life?

No, Aliens Aren’t Shooting Lasers at Us

What Was It Like to Be the Last Man on the Moon?

Space Ninjas Prep for Journey to ISS

Pluto’s Newest Wonders Will Change Your View of the Solar System

Planet Earth’s Incredible, Shrinking Habitable Zone

How Many Times Have We Visited Mars?

We’re headed back to Mars!

They Let Me Into NASA’s Secretive Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Fifty Years Since Gemini 8

11 of the Cheekiest Tweets from Mars’ Most Sarcastic Rover

8 Things We Learned from Scott Kelly’s Year in Space

First Predicted Supernova Tests Nature’s Magnifying Glass

Brown Dwarfs: The Middle Children of Space Objects

An Asteroid Will Zoom By Earth, But We Don’t Know How Close Yet

What is Astrobiology?

The Future of Space Tourism is Looking Bright

Why NASA Will Destroy One of Their Most Beloved Spacecraft


Don’t Miss “The World of Tomorrow”

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Adorable Science

It’s Going to be Really Hard to Have Kids in Space

Why We Should Never Nuke Mars

Will We Bring Mosquitoes to Mars?

The Outer Space Mysteries Japan’s Space X-Ray Can Help Unravel

Earth Scores a B In Potential Habitability—And That’s a Good Thing!

Ode to Philae: A Brief Mission That Made a Big Impact

3 Major Things Now Confirmed Thanks to Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves Prove Einstein Was Right

Mike Siebert Has the Coolest Job Ever

Could You Travel For 715 Days Straight?

Orphaned Planet Finds Parent Star

What Is That Giant Dolphin-Shaped Plane Seen In NASA Pictures?


Our Moon May Have Formed After a Gigantic Crash of Planets

Watching the Wanderers

Bleep Blorp: Humanoid Robots Get Ready for the Final Frontier

NASA Honors its Fallen Heroes

The Immortal Words of Challenger’s Fallen Astronauts

What Space Exploration Does To The Human Body

The Coldest Place in the Universe