published during a waning gibbous moon.

Journey To ALMA: The Eye In The Desert

William Rauscher and Dave Robertson traveled to the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile to visit ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, and explore how ALMA is adding new chapters to the story of humankind’s origins in the cosmos.

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You ♥ Space – Bernard Kutter

Editor of NOW.SPACE, Heather D’Angelo, interviews Bernard Kutter, Manager of Advanced Programs at United Launch Alliance to talk about the reality of people living and working in space (aka Cislunar 1000), and what ULA has planned for 2016 such as the Vulcan ACES rocket. The interview took place at the Space2.0 Summit in Pasadena, CA.


You ♥ Space – Charles Miller

Editor of NOW.SPACE, Heather D’Angelo, interviews Charles Miller, President of NexGen Space LLC at the Space 2.0 Summit in Pasadena, CA about how we can return to the moon in five years.

What are gravitational waves?

Editor of NOW.SPACE, Heather D’Angelo, attempts to demonstrate the nature of gravitational waves using random stuff she found around her house.