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Astronauts’ Blood Vessels Don’t Function Well in Space

A KSU study shows how poorly blood vessels perform in microgravity.

NASA Findings Suggest Health Concerns for Astronauts on Long-Duration Space Missions

NASA’s preliminary findings on astronauts who stayed on the ISS for a year reveal changes in genes, microbiomes, fine motor skills, and more.

Could You Live in This Tiny Biosphere for 105 Days Like These Chinese Scientists Did?

A garden in Beijing tests how miniature versions of Earth’s biosphere could be cultivated off-planet, helping future astronauts to sustain long-term missions in deep space.

The Last Man on the Moon Didn’t Want That Accolade

Honoring Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon.

Space Dining 101: How Astronauts Watch Their Weight While Weightless

Whipping up a home cooked meal is all but impossible in space, but researchers put a lot of work into making sure that astronauts are eating healthy, nutritious meals, and aren’t putting on or losing too much weight while weightless.

Some Astronauts’ Eyeballs Are Deformed After Spaceflight. Here’s Why.

The problem isn’t in the eyes themselves, but in fluid in the brain.

These 15 Retro Pics Prove NASA Was Always Cool

To trailblaze the solar system, we first needed monster computers, pioneers, and vomit comets.