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3 Critical Life Lessons We Learned from Star Trek Captains

Like all Starfleet cadets, we look to our leaders—the Captains—for our most valuable lessons. And while there’s plenty of wisdom to choose from, these three stand out as guiding principles for your lifelong journey in the universe.

Meet Dextre, the Most Sophisticated Space Robot Ever

Proper and worldly, Dextre is an astronaut’s dream.

ESA Confirms James Webb Telescope Ariane Launch

The next great space observatory took a step closer this week when ESA signed the contract with Arianespace that will see the James Webb Space

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Tutorials: How to Live in Space

Ever wondered how astronauts go about their lives in space? Check out these tutorials by the Canadian Space Agency to see how!    

Mission Objectives – Canadian Space Agency

Source: Mission Objectives – Canadian Space Agency   On Behalf of a Nation: Hadfield to Command the Space Station On December 19, 2012, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

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