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A UFO Blogger Has Uncovered the Truth about U.F.O. Sightings

A new reference book published by blogger Cheryl Costa and her wife compiles 15 years of U.F.O. sightings in one place. And it reveals, among other things, that Americans (and particularly Californians) are just as obsessed with the unknown as they’ve always been.

If You Build It from Low Earth Orbit, They Will Come

When NASA pivots to the Moon and Mars, private enterprise will inherit low Earth orbit. With reusable launch vehicles and private space stations, an off-world manufacturing industry is in the making. Here are the companies making it happen.

How Thinking about Aliens Reveals the Limits of Our Knowledge

Alien civilizations might be beaming radio signals at us; then again, they might have no idea what radio waves are. In trying to imagine the state of an intelligent extraterrestrial’s knowledge, we are quickly confronted with our own ignorance.

Congress Routinely Calls for a Space Force, but This Time They Mean It

A prominent U.S. House representative is calling for a Space Force. This isn’t the first time Congress has asked for such a thing, but it might be time to take the call seriously.

The Rocket Engine’s Unlikely Role in Shaping Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

As instruments of war and exploration, rocket engines have not only shaped history but revealed the values and priorities of the nations that build them. They intensified the Cold War, shaped the aftermath of the Soviet collapse, and govern our Russia policy today. As New Space stacks success atop success, they might herald the decline of NASA as the preeminent organization for landing humans on other worlds.

“Are We Alone?” Top Scientists at Cambridge Science Festival Weigh In

A panel of scientists gathered at the Cambridge Science Festival to answer one of humanity’s biggest questions, “Are we Alone?”

Celebrating Yuri’s Night 2017 at LA’s California Science Center

Now.Space author, Pauline Acalin, takes us behind the scenes celebrating Yuri’s Night 2017 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.