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A UFO Blogger Has Uncovered the Truth about U.F.O. Sightings

A new reference book published by blogger Cheryl Costa and her wife compiles 15 years of U.F.O. sightings in one place. And it reveals, among other things, that Americans (and particularly Californians) are just as obsessed with the unknown as they’ve always been.

How Thinking about Aliens Reveals the Limits of Our Knowledge

Alien civilizations might be beaming radio signals at us; then again, they might have no idea what radio waves are. In trying to imagine the state of an intelligent extraterrestrial’s knowledge, we are quickly confronted with our own ignorance.

Undergraduate Researchers Test Building Blocks of Life in Space-Like Conditions

By testing amino acids in extreme conditions, undergraduate researchers learn which of life’s building blocks may exist in extraterrestrials.

If There’s Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa This Lander Will (Hopefully) Find It

Jupiter’s moon Europa is about to get a lot of attention: NASA plans to send an orbiter and a lander there in the near future to search for life.

These Weird Self-Assembling Mineral Structures Look a Lot Like Primordial Life on Earth

Researchers grew weird self-assembling mineral structures in Californian spa water. The minerals look a lot like primordial life on Earth.

NASA Scientists Discover 50,000 Year Old Microbes That May Hold Clues to Extraterrestrial Life

NASA scientists found 50,000-year-old “alien” microbes within gypsum crystals in a cave in Mexico.

Astrobiologists Are Looking for Extraterrestrial Life in High Places

Life is thriving even in the air we breathe—a fact that has some astrobiologists looking for extraterrestrial life in high places on other celestial bodies.