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How Juno’s Jaw-Dropping Photos of Jupiter Get Made

The spectacular pictures that NASA’s Juno mission is sending back from Jupiter make the gas giant look like a whole new world. Though not a conscious effort on the agency’s part, the artistic photos are redefining the king of the planets’ image.

How Astronauts Can Be in Two Places at Once Thanks to Telepresence

Telepresence may be the best approach for safely exploring new planets.

WONDER Episode 1: Welcome to McMoons

We’re proud to present the inaugural episode of our podcast, WONDER!

Here’s What You Need to Know about AEGIS, Curiosity Rover’s “Brain Upgrade”

Curiosity’s software, AEGIS, has a 93% accuracy rate for sample selection

This Flatworm on the ISS Grew Two Heads in Space

Flatworms sent to the ISS are helping scientists understand “anatomical, behavioral and bacteriological impacts of space travel.”

What We Can Learn from the Eerily Relevant Sci-Fi Show, The 100

Nowhere are the parallels between sci-fi and the real world clearer than in The 100, a CW show about 100 juvenile delinquents sent from the space colony where they were born to an irradiated Earth.

Is There a Link between Supernovas and Extinction Events on Earth?

A supernova’s cosmic rays may have hit the Earth 2.5 million years ago, leading scientists to study the linkages between supernovas and extinction events.