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The Mars Mission That Never Was, and What Happens Next

Before the #journeytomars and Constellation, there was the Space Exploration Initiative of 1989–the first major presidential commitment to human space exploration since Kennedy’s moonshot.

Our Celestial Trinkets, and What They Say about Us

There is poetry in the things we leave on other planets. Golf balls, a family portrait, a cheeky postage stamp whose caption was thwarted: our humanity can be found in these little items. What do they say about us?

Building Settlements on Mars May Have Just Gotten a Little Easier

New research by material scientists shows how it may be possible to build settlements on Mars using bricks made from the Red Planet’s own soil.

Congress Routinely Calls for a Space Force, but This Time They Mean It

A prominent U.S. House representative is calling for a Space Force. This isn’t the first time Congress has asked for such a thing, but it might be time to take the call seriously.

Protecting Planets in the Era of Private Space Exploration

Space exploration comes with many risks, including cross contamination between worlds. NASA has historically followed planetary protection protocols to prevent Earth bugs from getting to other planets, or vice versa. But ever-increasing commercial space activity is starting to put strain on the current system.

As If Astronauts Couldn’t Get Any Cooler, They Will Now Be Using Ziplines

If anything goes catastrophically wrong launching Boeing’s Starliner, astronauts will zipline to safety.

All Aboard! NASA’s First Rocket in 40 Years May Make Crewed Maiden Voyage

NASA’s SLS rocket may make its first flight with a crew, depending on the results of a feasibility study.