The 17 Best #Juno Tweets
published during a new moon.

Best #Juno Tweets

Credit: JPL

We’ve rounded up the 17 best #Juno tweets so you can experience the nail-biting moments when the spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit all over again.

This prediction of NASA’s impending sigh of relief from Twitter’s most sarcastic bot.

Voyager sending its regards in anticipation of Juno’s successful insertion.

Even though Curiosity got a little tired of hearing about it.

The beautiful sound of Juno’s vitals.

This accurate depiction of NASA’s engineers.

This Jovian manicure.

The Planetary Society’s Emily Lakdawalla and her needlepoint.

This roundup of just how much science we have going coursing through the solar system.

And just how historic this mission is.

Because if we go outside tonight, we’ll be able to see how far space exploration has come.

Though there’s two sides to every story.

This masterful pie.

This nod to the countless humans who have made cosmic history possible.


Like these grinning scientists.

And this hollering mass of overjoyed employees.

Because they nailed their calculations.

From until forever, happy Juno day!

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